Vachtar Guest House was built in the first third of the 19th century. The classic  facade and monastery vaulting give this building a magical feel.

The 200 year old cellar offers relaxing moments over good wine and beer. There is a  built- in pizza stove for making your own delicious food.

Our accommodation offers three very large stylish rooms all with en-suite bathroom. An antique dining room and a kitchen complete the dining experience.

Room Janka is on the first floor and has a double bed and three single beds.

Room Matej is on the ground floor and has a double bed and thre e single beds.

The total number of beds in our guest house is 16 without extra occasional beds.

The total area of the property is 3000 square metres and is ideal for just relaxing, playing sport or enjoying the whirlpool, hot tub or sauna.

There is an open fire grill, perfect for those evenings enjoying food, wine, company and magical night skies.

In addition the nearest restaurants are only 1 km  and 2km away, well within walking distance.

There is a small shop only 50 metres away, both the bus and train station are 1 km away.


Vachtar Guest House is very proud of the history of Kralova Lehota. Singer Zora Kolinska, actor Ondrej Jariabek, artist, statue maker Alojz Strobl, painter Julius Stetka and writer Krista Bendova were all born here. In 1968 our guest house was used for filming the classic Slovak film -  Mal ka , directed by  František Švantner.